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History of Communism in Russia

The history of pre- and post- Communist Russia, and of course what the Communist Era was like. Find out how communism is seen today and what effects it still has on the country.

Best Soviet Souvenirs From Russia - Soviet Russia Gifts
What to bring back from Russia for the Soviet history fan.

What is Communism? - Definition of Communism
A basic definition of communism, the ruling ideology in the Russia and the Soviet Union for many years.

Russian Revolution Timeline - A Timeline of the Russian Revolution
A timeline and the history of the Russian Revolution of 1917 and 1905.

Red in Russian Culture - The Color Red in Russian Culture
The significance of the color red in Russian culture: it has a lot to do with communism.

USSR - An Overview of the USSR - The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
Find out which countries were in the USSR.

Soviet Sights in Moscow – Moscow USSR Sites
A tour of Soviet Russia in Moscow.

Rise of Communism in Russia
A history of the rise of communism in Russia.

On Communism and Foreigners - Interviews with Russians in Moscow
A collection of interviews with real Russian people on the topic of communism.

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