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Music Festivals in Russia – Russian Summer Music Festivals


The summer is the best time for music lovers to enjoy that quintessential summer activity – music festivals. Luckily, Russia is no different from the rest of the world and also hosts a series of incredible festivals over the summer. Seeing a music festival in Russia is an amazing way to see the country. It will definitely be an unforgettable experience. If you’re a live rock music fan, here are some Russian music festivals for you to consider this summer:

Afisha Picnic - Moscow

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Afisha Picnic is one of the best-known and oldest annual rock festivals in Moscow. Since Moscow tends to bring in quite a lot of international artists throughout the year, the Moscow festivals, especially this one, usually have well-known international headliners. Afisha Picnic is a one-day festival but it’s packed with music – incredible bands, both international and lots of Russian, and all top-notch. The bands are usually the hottest, most current bands on the rock scene – the ones that everyone wants to see. The festival is also usually held at some incredible location, like a UNESCO world heritage site or a 16th-century church. Definitely check this one out if you will be in Moscow over the summer – it’ll be a spectacular show, in every sense of that word!

Nashestvie – Moscow Area

Organized by one of the best Russian rock radio stations (the kind that plays really good, not just trendy, music), this festival is Russia’s largest open-air festival. It’s the more traditional kind of festival that includes camping and partying on-site, usually spanning 3 days. Unless you are familiar with Russian music, you will probably not recognize many of the bands in the line-up, but rest assured that they are the crème of the crop when it comes to Russian rock music. The musicians that they usually get are the ones that created rock music in Russia – the ones that everyone knows, loves, and sings along to. This famous festival is worth a visit if you’re looking for a good outdoor festival with a bit of adventure – it is Russia, after all!

Rock over Volga - Samara Area

This “12-hour rock marathon” has as its goal “to prove that rock is still alive”. And boy, do they ever. The lineup of this somewhat remote, surprisingly huge festival is full only of big stars – no fluff, no filler bands, just amazing, well-known artists. Typically, the artists who perform are many of Russia’s most famous “old-school” rock musicians, ones that Russian people today have grown up listening to as kids and teenagers. Usually there are also one or two Western/English-speaking headliners as well – Rammstein and Deep Purple are examples of past performers. This festival takes place in Samara, a city nearby Kazan located towards the middle of Russia. It’s a bit of a trip to get to, but I guarantee you that if you do get there, you will have an unforgettable adventure. The audience for this festival are the modern-day hippies – people who believe in peace, love, and sharing their last beer with you. It is an overwhelmingly good-natured audience and you will probably have one of the most positive festival experiences of your life if you go.
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