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Traditional Russian Food

Russian parties usually consist of heavily-laden tables with a wide array of salads, tapas, and meat and fish dishes. Read about traditional Russian recipes that you will encounter while traveling in the region.

How to Make Traditional Russian Pancakes Russian Pancakes Recipe
How to make - and eat - traditional Russian pancakes.

Must-Try Russian Soups
The best Russian soups for winter.

Must-Try Russian Desserts - Top Russian Desserts
The best Russian traditional desserts to try in Russia.

4 Weird Russian Foods (That You Should Try)
Weird and scary yet delicious Russian food that you should try.

Russian Traditional Foods - Learn about Traditional Foods from Russia
A short summary of traditional Russian foods that you will find in Russian shops, homes and restaurants.

Lunch in Russia - Russian Lunch Foods & Traditions
Wondering what to expect at lunchtime in Russia? Here's a guide to Russian lunch, including when to go and what you will probably eat.

Healthy Russian Main Dishes – Traditional Healthy Russian Food Recipes
Eat delicious, traditional Russian food and keep on track with your diet - yes, it's possible! Here are some Russian main dishes (with recipes) to try for dinner tonight, or on your next visit to Russia.

Healthy Russian Side Dishes – Traditional Healthy Russian Food Recipes
Traditional Russian side dishes which are healthy, low-calorie, good for you, and delicious - not to mention completely authentic! A quick guide - complete with recipes - to healthy Russian sides.

Healthy Russian Appetizers – Traditional Healthy Russian Food Recipes
Traditional Russian appetizers which are delicious as well as healthy, low-calorie and good for you!

Borscht Recipe - Authentic Russian Borscht Soup Recipe
A recipe for a traditional Russian beet soup, Borscht.

Dinner in Russia - Russian Dinner Foods and Traditions
Russian dinner food can be a bit scary if it is not expected. Find out what kind of food you will find on the Russian dinner table, and find out why you may not see many Russian people dining out at your restaurant.

Sharlotka Recipe - Authentic Russian Apple Sharlotka
A recipe for a Russian dessert called Apple Sharlotka.

Salad Olivye - Traditional Olivier Salad Recipe
Salad Olivye, or "Olivier", is present on every Russian table at holidays or parties. Learn how to make this Russian version of potato salad.

Russian Appetizers - List and Recipe of Russian Appetizers
Find out which appetizers you will see on Russian menus and in Russian homes, and find out the exact ingredients as well.

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